Restaurant Management System

A restaurant management system is a software that has been specially designed for restaurants. Our restaurant management system offers all-in-one solution, including components of a point of sale system, payment process, workforce management, inventory management, reservation system.
  •  Multi Outlet Configuration
  •  Caller ID Integration
  •  Barcoding


Build relationships

We’ll never interfere between you and your customers. You own and control your guest relationships and data.

Increase sales

Through our restaurant management system you can manage your customer and staff better which increases the sales.

Increase retention

Our restaurant management system is proven to increase repeat business. Our automated marketing makes personalized marketing easy and keeps you top of mind between meals.

Best School Management System

Schoolah School Management Software is a robust system that lets schools go paperless and streamline the tedious administrative tasks on a single platform.
High speed, strong security, exceptional accuracy, and a vast array of outstanding features and modules make Schoolah’s an ideal school management software.

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